PW Compliance Website Completed

Compliance – the very word brings about a variety of emotions ranging from anxiety to pride for Aussie businesses. Australia seems to be a world leader in regulation and trading in this country can be delicate, intricate and incredibly confusing.

PW Compliance embraces this confusion, offering customized and up to the minute consultation on how to get your transport firm or local council 100% compliant with Australian regulations and business practice. Catherine and Brett have collated, coded, structured and sweated over  government regulation both local and federal and offer a unique service that will lead Australian businesses to the promised land of regulatory compliance. In addition to a consultancy service that is unique in it’s field, they are also working on a platform that will allow customers to pinpoint their legal position and plot a map to sweet, sweet regulatory acquiescence.

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Name Your Poison

uq, venom, poison
17 July 2018 – UQ Global Leadership Series. The venom of modern poisonous creatures is complex – targeting, attacking or suppressing proteins, vital functions and ion channels within their prey. Yet when the fatal components are isolated and removed, they provide a plethora of potential benefits that present themselves as millions of years of diligent research and unlimited medical potential for pain and disease management.
UQ’s IMB Department is on the bleeding edge for medical science in the medical use use of venom, pioneering extraction and isolation methods that give the strong promise of a new generation of medical science.
Professor Glenn King and Associate Professor Irina Vetter gave a power delivery at this month’s Global Leadership Series presentation on how UQ will be shaking up the medical industry with groundbreaking research into the science of poison. You’ll never look at a spider, snake or ‘conus’ the same way again…
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Health Cushions Website Completed

If you’re prone to injury caused by long periods of extended seated inactivity then here’s a web address worth checking out. Health cushions sell a range of high quality products to alleviate the discomfort of sitting in the same position for too long. You can also buy a state of the art, lightweight lithium powered electric wheelchair to accessorize your air cell or gel cushion 😉

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Are You Ready To Talk?

Storytelling still remains the most powerful tool when explaining who you are or what you do.

Are you ready to talk about your journey? Will people be engaged by the tale of how your business or your service came to be? Does backstory add value and substance to what you do or who you are?

Tell your story.

UQ Alumni Breakfast At QLD Museum

I shamelessly rode my finacee’s graduate coat-tails this morning to insinuate myself into a university Of Queensland breakfast at the Queensland Museum to celebrate Science Week.

The light breakfast was highlighted by speeches from the Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Tim Dunne and Dr Serena Love shared her experience as an archeologist in Egypt and her knowledge of Egyptian religious practice and culture, serving as the perfect introduction to an exclusive viewing of the Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives exhibit.

Within an hour of entering the museum the doors would open to the public and the museum would flood with families. To be able to enjoy uninterrupted and private time with such treasure in the company of a knowledgeable and generous expert who’s willing to engage on a one on one level on a topic she’s clearly passionate about? As priceless as any item on display today.

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Brisbane Small Business Expo

Scored some free tickets to the Brisbane Small Business expo.

This expo is not only an icebreaker for the Brisbane, it shows the generosity of the B2B community with guest speakers and workshops. The proceeds also contribute to Friends with Dignity, Spina Bifida AssociationActive Refugee and Migrant Integration in Australia (ARMIA) and Youngcare. Awesome.


Fika. It’s Samoan for ‘swag’ and Swedish for Coffee. Either way it’s suave and full of energy.

Tua has been incubating the Fika brand for seven years and in 2018 he’s ready to bring his brand to life. Watch this space as Fika will manifest as a website and as a marketing entity in the very near future with web design, social media strategy and video/photography work. How fika is that?

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New Way PM Website Completed

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Alina and Daniela to bring their real estate website online and I’m looking forward to seeing them manifest their business with the passion and energy they bring to bear. With more than a decade of experience in Brisbane real estate, New Way Property Management is an exciting and focused new player in the local property market that bring a family touch to what has commonly been a franchise driven industry.

The site will go live in less than a week as the final touches are applied and property listings populated. And from the content I’ve had in the development of this site I highly recommend them for their warm and personal approach.

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