Video Advertising Campaign 2019

This video was produced to grow videography services and was released in the lead up to Christmas 2019. It’s compiled from stock footage and video I shot myself and was broadcast via Facebook using a co9mbination of organic marketing and Facebook advertising.


Modern Astrology – Udemy

“Modern Astrology – An Introduction To Natal Astrology” is a Udemy course comprised of 3 hours of instructional video, compiled from my own video camera work and stock video.

The course is designed to help students to anchor the core principles of natal astrology in a linear, simplified but rational way using a variety of materials and tools to engage different learning styles. I compiled the course content and audio myself, and the video content is supported with downloadable, printable resources and an 86 page course manual that is a standalone, offline version of the content.

The course is built on the Udemy learning engine and is comprised of 74 lectures over 6 sections. The course has maintained 4.7 out of 5 user ratings since it was first released in November 2019 and the final course content was released on 4k quality video edited and outputted by Adobe Premiere.





Neptune RLSC Promotional Video


The decreased and disappointing levels of state funding for volunteer lifesaving organisations in Queensland have created real challenges for people committed to that most noble of callings – the saving of human life. This video campaign focused on creating public awareness of the people who give their time and risk their safety and adding value to this service, with the hope of encouraging donations. It was shot on a less than spectacular day but the results still hit the mark.





Tosa Kumdo Grading


It was a pleasure and privilege to record and compile the video for TOSA Kumdo’s inaugural grading in late 2016. The result is a snapshot of an amazing day and important step on the journey of martial artists of all levels and all grades.




Karuna Volunteer Induction Video


Karuna Hospice Services utilise an impressive amount of volunteers who are interested and willing to work with palliative care and elderly clients, but proper safety induction training had traditionally been a time consuming and challenging process.

Extensive video was shot by CEA Australia that guided volunteers through the process of learning correct procedure when working with clients, ranging from simply raising a client to a walking position to assisting them into vehicles or wheeling a client through a door. The content was delivered to me in random chunks on a DVD and the challenge was to put it all together in a logical and easy to follow but technically sound manner. The final product was returned to the client in ISO format and burned onto multiple DVDs.

The following are excerpts from a comprehensive selection of videos encompassing a broad range of procedure and safety related best practices.




30 Second Advertisements

Utilising stock video, the following are a collection of 30 second advertisements designed for a variety of industries. Video has become the new force for online advertising and these ads demonstrate how much selling firepower can be crammed into 30 seconds.



Steampunk HQ NZ


Take a walkthrough tour of the mad genius that is Oamaru’s Steampunk HQ. This is quickly becoming a major global tourist attraction for the underground Steampunk and cosplay community and culminates in an annual festival that lasts a week, booking out all accommodation for this otherwise sleepy South Island town months in advance. Taken for the GameAuditor Youtube channel.




Carmel’s Story


After decades of service focused work, Carmel was presented with the challenge of retirement and finding purpose in a life that had been lived for others. This new sense of purpose came from a rekindled passion 4×4 driving. This work showcases the power of video to tell a story and was shot impromptu in Fraser Island.