PW Compliance

Compliance has become a minefield for Australian businesses and local councils – a labyrinth of rules, statutes and amendments that quickly pile up when you lose your place in it all. PW [...]

Health Cushions

  If you’re prone to injury caused by long periods of extended seated inactivity then here’s a web address worth checking out. Health cushions sell a range of high quality products to [...]

New Way Property Management

  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Alina and Daniela to bring their real estate website online and I’m looking forward to seeing them manifest their business with the [...]

Neptune RLSC Promotional Video

  The decreased and disappointing levels of state funding for volunteer lifesaving organisations in Queensland have created real challenges for people committed to that most noble of [...]


  It was a pleasure and privilege to record and compile the video for TOSA Kumdo’s inaugural grading in late 2016. The result is a snapshot of an amazing day and important step on the [...]

Karuna Volunteer Induction Video

  Karuna Hospice Services utilise an impressive amount of volunteers who are interested and willing to work with palliative care and elderly clients, but proper safety induction training had [...]


  Some argue they are a relic of the paper filled past. I say done right they are so much more. Brochures are a powerful and cheap way to promote a business offline and with so many high [...]

30 Second Advertisements

Utilising stock video, the following are a collection of 30 second advertisements designed for a variety of industries. Video has become the new force for online advertising and these ads [...]

Steampunk HQ NZ

  Take a walkthrough tour of the mad genius that is Oamaru’s Steampunk HQ. This is quickly becoming a major global tourist attraction for the underground Steampunk and cosplay [...]

Carmel’s Story

  After decades of service focused work, Carmel was presented with the challenge of retirement and finding purpose in a life that had been lived for others. This new sense of purpose came [...]

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