Neptune Royal Lifesaving Club Rebuild Completed

The Neptune Royal Lifesaving Club come a long way in a relatively short time from that original Wix site. We’ve built a simple site in WordPress, cleaned up and rationalized their social media footprint and created succession structures which has been an ongoing problem due to membership changes in key roles.

And now it’s my pleasure to announce the completion of their new, updated website.

It’s like the start of a phase 2 – a digital Avengers if you will. At face value we’ve introduced and adopted a more robust WordPress theme that’s allowed us to create  more visually striking and appealing website and we’ve integrated a more playful but powerful recruitment structure to attract new members which has been an identified priority for the club. We’ve also integrated Woocommerce to more directly and efficiently manage donations in preference to the previous simple extension that launched a Paypal window – we’ve now got a tool for building an email list and thanking donators directly. Overall The Neptune Royal Lifesaving Club site is a complete reboot with tasteful integration of sliders and parallax design elements and more interesting ways of integrating text content. The site has had all content tweaked to increase it’s SEO value as well so we’ve got a great platform positioned for extended reach and ready for future growth.

Working with the club for me is always a pleasure and over the next few months we’ll be mapping out a migration to a new host better suited to handle the power we’ll be drawing on for the 2021 summer ahead.

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The Neptune Royal Lifesaving Club

Video Advertising Campaign 2019

This video was produced to grow videography services and was released in the lead up to Christmas 2019. It’s compiled from stock footage and video I shot myself and was broadcast via Facebook using a co9mbination of organic marketing and Facebook advertising.


Modern Astrology – Udemy

“Modern Astrology – An Introduction To Natal Astrology” is a Udemy course comprised of 3 hours of instructional video, compiled from my own video camera work and stock video.

The course is designed to help students to anchor the core principles of natal astrology in a linear, simplified but rational way using a variety of materials and tools to engage different learning styles. I compiled the course content and audio myself, and the video content is supported with downloadable, printable resources and an 86 page course manual that is a standalone, offline version of the content.

The course is built on the Udemy learning engine and is comprised of 74 lectures over 6 sections. The course has maintained 4.7 out of 5 user ratings since it was first released in November 2019 and the final course content was released on 4k quality video edited and outputted by Adobe Premiere.





Modern Astrology Course Manual

Modern Astrology Course Manual: Statistics suggest that visual learning is the strongest and most prevalent learning style and video learning is custom made for this generation of ‘sustained distracted attention’ students. However there’s still a strong demographic of book learners that shouldn’t be ignored if learning is to be truly effective – especially when the content is as challenging as astrology.

This 86 page digital document is the course manual for the Udemy “Introduction To Natal Astrology” course. It’s an offline version of the course content that caters to different learning styles.

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Modern Astrology

This website front-ends a Udemy astrology course that introduces “Natal Astrology”. The home page is an introductory landing page that incorporates a slider that showcases the course content. Woocommerce has been integrated as a platform to sell additional services and two contact forms have been incorporated. Ther backend of the site connects directly to Google stats and outputs reports of site activity – how many visitors the site is accumulating, where they come from, the pages they look at and it tallies the site ‘bounce rate’.

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PW Compliance

Compliance has become a minefield for Australian businesses and local councils – a labyrinth of rules, statutes and amendments that quickly pile up when you lose your place in it all. PW Compliance are lifeguards in this regard who will quickly spot where you are, identify what you need and walk you through the box ticking process of getting your entity 100% compliant with the Australian government.

This website deliberately uses a simple and clean design philosophy to reflect the PW mission.

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Health Cushions


If you’re prone to injury caused by long periods of extended seated inactivity then here’s a web address worth checking out. Health cushions sell a range of high quality products to alleviate the discomfort of sitting in the same position for too long. You can also buy a state of the art, lightweight lithium powered electric wheelchair to accessorize your air cell or gel cushion 😉


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Fully powered by Woocommerce and driven by Artbee’s incredible Jupiter theme. Revolution Slider also used.

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New Way Property Management


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Alina and Daniela to bring their real estate website online and I’m looking forward to seeing them manifest their business with the passion and energy they bring to bear. With more than a decade of experience in Brisbane real estate, New Way Property Management is an exciting and focused new player in the local property market that bring a family touch to what has commonly been a franchise driven industry.


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And from the contact I’ve had in the development of this site I highly recommend them for their warm and personal approach.


Neptune RLSC Promotional Video


The decreased and disappointing levels of state funding for volunteer lifesaving organisations in Queensland have created real challenges for people committed to that most noble of callings – the saving of human life. This video campaign focused on creating public awareness of the people who give their time and risk their safety and adding value to this service, with the hope of encouraging donations. It was shot on a less than spectacular day but the results still hit the mark.





Tosa Kumdo Grading


It was a pleasure and privilege to record and compile the video for TOSA Kumdo’s inaugural grading in late 2016. The result is a snapshot of an amazing day and important step on the journey of martial artists of all levels and all grades.